Superior Singing Method Review

One of the most popular online singing courses is the Superior Singing Method. It claims it can improve anyones singing voice from beginners to advanced but does it really work and is it worth the money? Here is my superior singing method review…

What is the Superior Singing Method?

Superior Singing Method is a course by Aaron Anastasi who is one of the most sought superior singing methodafter singing coaches in the world. Anastasi is different from many singing coaches in that he wasn’t born with a great singing voice but became a great singer from spending hundreds of hours learning all there was to know about how the voice works and how each muscle functions when it comes to singing. He then studied different vocal exercises and singing techniques and began to train his voice.

After receiving many compliments on his voice and requests from people to teach them how to sing, he became a vocal coach and through word of mouth became one of the most sought-after singing teachers in the world. Now he has put together a complete course in singing taught by him that can be downloaded online.

What makes Aaron Anastasi a great teacher is that he was not born a natural singer so he has a real understanding of what it takes to become one as he has done so himself. He has designed this course so that there is a clear direction to take from the beginning and so the singer can make step-by-step progress.

This singing course contains 8 modules which take the user from the fundamentals of singing including warm-up exercises and breathing, right through to improving your vocal tone and singing high notes. There are over 50 videos of singing lessons and 31 vocal exercise audios.

Does it Work?

I think this course would be ideal for beginner singers and intermediates. Anyone just starting out in singing would get a great deal from this course due to the systematic approach this course takes from bringing the singer through the basics and fundamentals right through to singing in tune, how to sing high notes and singing with power. Intermediates would be able to take their voice to the next level due to the expert tuition and advanced techniques and the tips and advice on performing for an audience.

Rating – 5/5

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