Breathing exercises for singing

Learn easy breathing exercises for singers

Breathing is essential for life; how you breathe is essential for singing.  All professional singers know that how you draw air while singing is very important, especially for those extremely high notes.  If you do not have proper breathing technique, you could possible damage your voice.


How do you know if you are breathing wrong?

There are several signs to look for while singing.  If you can’t finish a song all the way through without stopping, then you might not be using proper breathing techniques.  Having to catch your breath mid-performance or losing your voice on stage during your first song are warning signs that you might be endangering your vocal chords. Nodes in your throat could develop which would require surgery.

Don’t get discouraged though.  With the right breathing exercises, you can strengthen your voice and improve your vocal quality.Try these helpful breathing exercises.

Practice breathing from your diaphragm.

breathing from the diaphragm

breathing from the diaphragm

Normally we draw breath straight from our lungs.  Singers, however, need to breathe from the diaphragm.  How can you tell the difference?  Stand in front of the mirror and look at your stomach and chest while taking deep breathes.  When you are breathing from your lungs, your chest will inflate. Diaphragm breathing however, can be seen in the stomach. You need to keep your upper body so you can focus on the lower parts of the lungs

Switch to a more relaxing position

Find a quiet room, where you can lie down with a book on your stomach.  Do several counts of deep breathing from your diaphragm while keeping your upper body still.  If done correctly, you will see the book move with every breath.  The doggy position on all fours is another position that allows you to feel the rise and fall of your stomach muscles more acutely. You need to concentrate during these exercises so that you can tell the difference between the two types of breathing. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t pick it up right away. With practice, switching between your lungs and diaphragm will feel natural.

Use props

Strengthen your air flow with two simple techniques. Light a candle on the table and then sit close to hit with a straight back and shoulders.  Take a deep breath and then exhale a steady stream of air towards the flame.  The object is to bend the flame not extinguish it.  You will have to do this exercise several times before getting it right.  A feather is another good prop.  This time you are trying to blow the feather into the air and keep it there as long as possible. Make it a fun game by sending it flying across the room.

Proper breathing is essential for all singers.  It helps builds the strength and range of your voice and protects your voice box from damage. All of these exercises are free and easy to do.  Even the props are easy to find objects.  You don’t need an expensive vocal coach to start your training. Try these breathing exercises for singers at home today.