Singing Lessons Online

Anyone who has searched for singing lessons online will no doubt have come across some of the singing software courses that can be purchased online and downloaded to your computer. These software courses feature professional singing coaches teaching step-by-step singing techniques, but can these courses really replace a live singing coach and make you a better singer? Here are some of the pros and cons of these singing software courses to help you make up your own mind…

The Pros

Most of the singing software courses are taught by renowned singing coaches who have coached some of the best singers around and are paid highly for their expertise. To hire one of these teachers for one-on-one vocal coaching would be out of the price range for most people so these software courses can be considered great value for money.


Convenience is another plus point of learning how to sing through software. When you hire a vocal coach there will be a certain day and time that you have to meet to have your lesson. When you learn to sing through software you have the convenience of learning in the comfort of your own home whenever you want and as little and as often as you want.

Price is another advantage that learn to sing software has over hiring a vocal teacher if you want more than a handful of lessons. The software will be a one-off fee and will contain a complete course while the cost of paying a teacher for each lesson will start to add-up the more lessons you take and be more expensive than the software.

The Cons

The major disadvantage of singing software compared to working with a vocal coach one-on-one is the lack of feedback. A singing teacher will be able to identify your weak points and tell you where you are going wrong. A singing teacher can tailor-make a lesson designed specifically for you which will be more beneficial than the software which is designed for the mass-market.


If you are serious about singing then the best option will be to work with a vocal coach one-on-one because they will be able to identify where you need to improve and offer you helpful feedback and push you in the right direction. If you are someone just starting out then one of the learn to sing software course might be the best choice for you. They are designed for beginners and you can learn in your own home.