How To Sing Higher

Often the highlight of some of the most popular songs is when the performer sings a high note. This can add extra emotion to the song and make it more memorable. Being able to reach the high notes is seen as the sign of a great singer and so probably the most often asked question by anyone interested in singing is: “how do I sing higher?”

How to sing high notes when singing

The most common thing to happen when an inexperienced singer attempts to sing an octave or two higher than their normal singing voice is that it sounds cracked. This is when you try pulling your chest voice into the upper range. If you are putting extra strain on your voice to reach the high notes then you are going about it the wrong way!


Before attempting high notes it is always a good idea to do a proper warm-up beforehand. This will involve practicing different vocal exercises that will prepare your voice for your performance.

Breathing is another part of singing that is absolutely key to being able to hit the high notes. Having control over your breathing is important in all aspects of singing.

Don’t forget your posture either. Your posture can affect the sounds you produce so it is important to stand in the correct position so that your vocals can be easily produced.

There is no quick fix for being able to sing high notes. It will take some guidance and plenty of practice but being able to sing higher is perfectly achievable for everybody. If you are interested in learning how to sing higher then why not check out some of the learn to sing at home software reviews on our site which are perfect for beginners.