How to hit high notes when singing

hit high notesOne of the most common questions asked by anyone with an interest in getting a better singing voice is – how to hit the high notes when singing? For many budding singers just starting out, when they attempt to move up an octave their voice starts to break and this can sound painful to listen to! Singing higher notes is not as difficult as you might imagine, it will just take an understanding of the steps to take to be able to sing higher and plenty of practice.


The first thing you want to do before you start is to make sure you warm-up. It is important that you warm up before singing because your vocal chords are muscles and just like an athlete will warm up before a race, you need to warm-up your vocal chords so you don’t strain them. If you want a quick guide to warming up then the bbc have a video here – warm up

When you want to reach the high notes you will need to sing in your “head voice” (it is called the head voice because when you are singing the high notes you can feel the vibrations in your head/skull). When you make the transition from your “chest voice” to your head voice it can lead to you putting strain on your vocal chords. If this is happening then you need to stop because this can cause permanent damage.

The key to singing high notes is to understand that you actually need less air and not more air to sing high. This is because your vocal chords become stretched as you reach the high notes and therefore less air can pass through. Many people think they need more air and try to force their voice but this just leads to your voice starting to break up. It will take some getting used to at first but when you next try to sing higher, try it with less air and see how it feels. With practice you should see a big improvement!