Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

There are some people out there with the mistaken belief that being able to sing is something that you are born with and that those who cannot sing will never be able to. This couldn’t be further from the truth! So if you are someone who would like to improve their singing voice then read on as I explain how…

If you were to name some of the top singers in the world, there is one thing they each have in common. Whether it’s Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey or Adele, they have all had and continue to have vocal coaching. We think of them as naturally talented and of course this plays a part, but one of the main reasons they sing as well as they do is down to being taught and trained how to use their vocal chords to sing.


Your vocal chords are a muscle and like any muscle you have to train it regularly  to improve. You wouldn’t go to the gym and on your first day expect to be lifting heavy weights straight away, but many people without any singing training try a half-hearted attempt at singing and give up because they don’t like what they hear and spend the rest of their life saying “i can’t sing”. If they had only had the benefit of working with an experienced vocal coach who could have given them a daily routine of vocal exercises to practice and taught them different vocal techniques, they would have a voice they were proud of and look forward to singing at any opportunity!

You can train your voice through different vocal exercises and these will strengthen your vocal chords. When you have trained your vocal chords you will find that you have control over your singing voice and will have a greater singing range. There are other different tips and techniques that that a good singing coach will be able to pass on to you that will all go towards giving you the voice you want.

In summary the answer to the question: “can anyone learn to sing” is Yes! It is just a matter of learning from a good singing teacher and practice, practice, practice. If you are interested in learning how to sing there are a few courses available online that teach you how to sing in the comfort of your own home. The best one is probably The superior Singing Method which is taught by one of the most indemand singing teachers in the world and is ideal for beginners and intermediates. I have written a Superior Singing Method Review Here which tells all about the course and you can visit the official website here for further information.